AUDRY FUNK (Mexico) 

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Audry Funk is an Mc, singer and activist. She has been expressing herself since 13 years old.  She is very well known within the reggae and hip-hop scene. Audry also organizes forums and workshops to aid youths in poorer and dangerous communities. At the same time, she uses hip-hop as a form to promote peace. Involved in other projects, Audry Funk is a part of  Mujeres Trabajando which is a collective formed by other women mc’s, break dancers, graffitti artists from all over Mexico. Somos Guerreras is another collective that Audry has formed part of, along side other women in central America where they were able to film a documentary about the lives and hardships of women in central america involved in the Hip-Hop movement.


ok Comagatte 04COMAGATTE starts from the age of 10 years to love music through her musician father. During her growth is getting closer to the hip hop culture until in 2008 she began to write and improvise. Then, to start sharing the stage with artists of the National Hip Hop scene, opening the show ICE ONE, ZULU, DJ CRAIM KAOS ONE,  M1 (DEAD PREZ) & BONNOT … Comagatte currently is working on her first solo album from which have already been three singles: « L’altra prospettiva », « Funky q.b. » and « Stronza » whose videos have got a great attention from the hip hop fanatics and beyond.

EnerGIA (Rumania)

ok GIA 03EnerGIA is a Romanian MC who grew up in the United States. After returning to her home country, she started making music while developing a career as a professional writer. She has collaborated with numerous local artists and supports all initiatives related to the elements of hip hop culture. Her message strongly focuses on inspiring and motivating individuals to cultivate their aspirations, work hard and reach their goals.

ICYKAL (England)

icykalIcyKal (pronounced Icicle) is a Rapper and a Spoken Word artist from South East London. Born and bred in Lewisham, Ice was raised listening to Reggae, Dancehall music and Hip Hop. Her mum, Sue Frost was a keyboard player and one of the lead singers in a Roots/Reggae band back in the 80’s, which definitely paved the way for Ice’s love for music. Her first taste was around 10 years old when she formed a band with her closest friends called Conscious Youts. They recorded tracks which addressed issues around bullying, drug abuse and respect for women. Since then IcyKal and Laayie has performed and headlined events in France for the last four years. Laayie and IcyKal also work very closely and together are called, Dem Onez. Ice has since released two EPs The Ice Breaker and The Angry Kid and her latest release Cold Bars Warm Art, which came out in December 2015. Ice is currently working on her new EP called Artis4n Hip Hop which will feature Laayie and another amazing artist called Ether L 9.

GENNIE (Mongolia)

Gennie  ok

Dulamsuren « Gennie » Suubilig known as the « Queen of Mongolian Rap » was born in Ulaanbaatar. The name Gennie was given to her by Mongolian rap producer MciT (Enkhtaivan).Gennie first discovered rap in the 7th grade and has been rapping ever since. Her themes and lyrics address human, more especially women’s rights, all delivered with a killer hip hop beat that transcend class, culture … She has also mentored abused and troubled girls who respect her as a hip yet positive role model. In 2010, she performed at tour in France « Hos Ayas » festival, in Denmark for the « World Hip Hop Festival ». In 2015 she was invited back to Paris for the « Paris Hip Hop Festival » where she performed and made a video with the South Bronx graffiti squad Tats Cru. Her documentary Mongolian Bling was also completed.

KT GORIQUE (Switzerland)

KT Gorique

Born in Abidjan in 1991, from an Italian father and an Ivorian mother, K.T spent most of her childhood in the streets of Abidjan (Ivory Coast). Rocked by African music, spiritual songs and dance, it was not until her arrival in Switzerland at the age of 11 that she discovered hip hop through artists like The Fugees, Notorious BIG, The Wu Tang and many more … Inspired by hip-hop rhythms, she first turned to dance. It’s only a few years later, after singing in rock cover band that K.T tried to express her writings on rap instrumentals. At the age of 15, she joined the group Frères Incendie alongside Opak and Ar-J, with whom she made her first writing workshops and stage experiences in Switzerland. In 2012, she won the End of The Weak Switzerland, a rap freestyle battle, and finally won End of The Weak World championship. In 2014, she played the principal actress in the movie Brooklyn realised by Pascal Tessaud.

KWEZI (France)

KweziKWEZI is a french rapper and singer from Congo Brazzaville. She is a rapper / singer of French nationality from Congo Brazzaville. She was very early attracted by the music, initiated in jazz, blues, reggae and hip hop by his uncle, a record collector. Her interest in hip hop culture grew with the discovery of shows like Yo! MTV Rap, Rap Line and Radio Nova. In 1996, she formed the EKTOMB group, composed of two members : Leslie Black (Kwezi) and D.Maxxi (Black Barbie). They had collaborated with artists such as Mr R,  2Bal 2Neg, 7 Corrompus, Kery James (l’Avant-Garde), scour the scenes of the Paris region, participating in Francofolies de la Rochelle, la fête de l’Humanité, as well as several compilations and other projects. In 2013, Leslie Black became Kwezi. She is currently preparing an EP in 2016.

LAAYIE (England)

laayie okLaayie is a London born conscious hip hop and spoken word artist.
Growing up her love for music was obvious. But poetry was always Laayie’s source of expression until she decided to start writing songs. Her most recent can be heard on her YouTube page. Laayie has previously won the « UK Unsigned » talent competition and is due to release her first self titled solo album Laayie’s Theory. Her content and music make for a melodic sound that is thought provoking and real. Laayie works closely with Icykal, another female London artist and together the two of them have joined up with the « Hold Up Team » and have worked on two mixtapes and various other projects and songs.

LA FURIA (Pays-Basque)

furia para holddupWho better than La Furia to talk about her work and herself ?

 » I’m feminist and make rap. I’m coming from Cascante, a town from Ribera de Navarra. I love to collaborate, grow and share experiences with others female rappers, rockers, punks and opera singers. I like el flamenco and The Cure. But I deeply hate coward and disloyal behavior.

I have made a study on several femcees in order to make a map of their own referents. I also work with girls and women. I respect the sporting values team and black is my favourite color with the leopard prints. Loving the verse and las jotas, if I had to choose a country, it would be the Basque Counrty.

MEDUSA (Tunisia)

ok medusa  01MEDUSA is a young tunisian artist who fell in love with the hip-hop culture through out the break dance at 10 years old.
Since, Medusa never stop to make it, in a macho period at this time in Tunisia.
At 16, she went through out the country performing. Now, she is working on a scenic project with her team (dancers, musicians, DJ, vocalists) to promote her album EKLEKTIK in Tunisia and Great Maghreb.

ORACY (England)

Oracy ok

[def.] Oracy The ability to express oneself fluently and grammatically in speech.capacity to speak with ability and gramticaly.

Since hitting the scene in 2011, Oracy has been busy working with various artists across the globe. With well over 200 performances under her belt she has enjoyed travelling Europe with her fresh, neoteric vibe. A true lover of Hip Hop, Oracy brings the key principles of peace, love, unity and of course having fun to the stage, whilst sharing knowledge with her audience through a captivating flow. Raised in Wolverhampton, she was the « estate kid that went to ‘posh’ school », with an unparalleled ubringing , but always knew how to hold her own. The skatepark was where she was introduced to hip hop and the romance began.  With a humble confidence , her performances instigate’s sparks and emotions that always engage the crowd. Her first album Foot in the door is her last album realseas in july 2015. The release of Suttin Duby, her new album, is planned for August 2016. 


Coming from Los Angles, Reverie writes since she were young. A pen dipped in the poetry ink, before to express herself on some productions realized by his brother and DJ Louden Beats. Old shool veine, Reverie keeps her own universe, a rap which mix substance and content. As an autodidacte, she has released two albums, one EP, and two mixtapes.


2.16AHipHopSeazonStudioShoot-47 SHE REALSince 2012 She Real has been performing and consistently putting out original music.  In 2016 She Real dropped her fifth mixtape entitled « Real Hip Hop Still Exists 2 ».  Continuously working she has been on Sway in the Morning, featured in XXL, Hot 97’s Elite 8 cypher, was featured in Respect Magazine, and Hip Hop Weekly. Notably, She Real collaborated with Loaded Lux and Fred the Godson establishing herself amongst underground Hip Hop heavyweights. She Real has won countless competitions from SOBs, to being a 3 times consecutive $1000 grand prize winner at Club Pyramid, 2 time $1000 Hip Hop Seazon winner, as well as a The Bar Exam: Atlanta’s Definitive Open-Mic Competition and Showcase winner. She has also had the opportunity to open up for artists such as Juelz Santana, Styles P, Tone Trump, and has been on college tours, and more.  She Real works really hard to make her dream a reality and takes none of her opportunities for granted.  She Real’s most recent headlining show was in Paris, France.  She appeared as a featured performer for the « Ready Or Not » Hip Hop competition. Follow on her website : sherealtalk.com.

TINA MWENI (Denmark)Photo-by-HoldUpwear-2

Mc, dancer, poet … TINA MWENI come from Nairobi but rise in Copenhagen since her five years old. At nine, she was formed at dance at the Rhytmical High School and Flow Dance Academy. In 2010, she had participated to the TV show « Denmark’s got talent » where she went at the final. In 2013, it’s in the south of France that her musical projetcs continue. At Marseille, she joined the project « East Africa Rise Up » and decided to move in this city. Actually, she worked on a jazz/hip hop fusion with the band Namaste !

TOUSSA (Sénégal)

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Passionated by hip-hop music since her youth, Toussa has began to imbued with this musical style. But first, when she was young, international pop music and poetry (« Taasu ») from South African women were the first contact with music for TOUSSA. Passionated by hip hop music, she begun to make some freestyle in 2006 and bring several influences as south hip hop, French underground and mbalax pop Senegalese. More than hip hop, Toussa speak about women issues in her texts. By this way she plans sensibilisation program, and some activities generating incomes for women and formations for the girls.